Cancer Treatment & BEMER Therapy

BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy is safe for Cancer Patients.
Generally, cancer (tumour) cells seem to thrive in an acidic body where the availability of oxygen and nutrients is inadequate for healthy cellular metabolism.
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In order for oxygen and nutrients to be available to all cells of the body, the blood circulation system needs to work efficiently.

More than 74% of our blood circulation system comprises a vast network of capillaries (the tiniest blood vessels) – this is called the microcirculation. The correct functioning of the microcirculation is the foundation for optimum health. It is imperative to deliver oxygen and nutrients to all the cells and remove metabolic waste products so that the cells can perform their specific metabolic functions, which keep us alive and in good shape.
我們的血液循環系統中有超過74%包括巨大的毛細血管網絡(最小的血管) - 這就是所謂的微循環。微循環的正確功能是最佳健康的基礎。向所有細胞輸送氧氣和營養物質,清除代謝廢物,使細胞能夠發揮其特定的代謝功能,保持活力,保持良好狀態勢在必行。

Every living cell in our body has a cell membrane. This membrane has an electrical potential that governs the entry and exit of oxygen, nutrients and metabolic waste compounds according to the metabolic requirements of each cell. When the microcirculation is impaired and blood delivery is hindered the internal pH of the cell becomes acidic. This is because there is an oxygen and nutrient deficiency and an over abundance of waste products (including carbon dioxide and free hydrogen ions) that cannot be easily removed from the cell.



When the cell membrane’s electrical potential decreases, the efficiency of the entry and exit of oxygen, nutrients and metabolic waste is further diminished and the cell begins to dysfunction.

The production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is also negatively affected by intra-cellular acidity. Without the adequate availability of ATP within each cell, the cell’s general metabolic capabilities are not possible. The only way to ensure that sufficient ATP is manufactured in the mitochondria (a cellular organelle) is by ensuring that oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood reaches each cell.

This is when we experience symptoms of disease. When a cell cannot function properly, and the oxygen and nutrient deficiency is severe, the chances of DNA inside the cell being incorrectly replicated increase dramatically. Without the right ‘ingredients,’ DNA coding can be mistakenly copied. This is often where we find the proliferation of cancer cells.

The normal electrical potential of a healthy cell membrane is between -90mV and -70mV. Rheumatic cell membranes have an average potential of -40mV and cancer cells have been shown to have an average potential of -20mV.

Another fascinating physiological mechanism that checks the quality of replicated proteins is the function of Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) or ‘repair proteins.’ These special proteins check if new proteins have been made perfectly and, if they haven’t, then HSPs destroy them so that incorrectly made proteins do not form part of our new cells and organs.
檢測複製蛋白質質量的另一個令人著迷的生理機制是熱休克蛋白(HSP)修復蛋白質 的功能,這些特殊的蛋白質檢查新蛋白質是否完美製備,如果沒有,則HSPs將其摧毀所以不正確的蛋白質不構成我們的新細胞和器官的一部分。

There are remarkable physiological and biochemical mechanisms in the body that are designed to allow the body to heal itself, even under the most undesirable conditions.

It is only under sustained conditions that the body is unable to adequately protect itself from excessive levels of prolonged metabolic inefficiency. This is evident in the growing global prevalence of chronic diseases of lifestyle.

Additonally, the body cannot protect itself if it has been exposed to toxic doses of environmental factors such as radiation, carcinogens, teratogens, mycotoxins etc.


How can BEMER help Cancer Treatment?

BEMER is the world’s most advanced and best researched Physical Vascular Therapy currently available. It has been scientifically proven to optimise the way blood is delivered to the cells of the body, especially in the capillaries (the smallest blood vessels that ‘feed’ every single cell in our bodies). Watch how BEMER works – a fascinating 2 minute video showing changes in capillary perfusion.
BEMER是目前世界上最先進和最好的研究物理血管治療。已經科學證明,優化血液輸送到身體細胞的方式,特別是在毛細血管(最小的血管“餵養”我們身體的每一個細胞)。觀看BEMER的工作原理 - 一段精彩的2分鐘錄像,顯示毛細血管灌注的變化。

BEMER has been shown to influence the rolling action of white blood cells (leukocytes) on the inside of the blood vessel walls. The special protein iCAM (cellular adhesion molecule) on the outer membrane of leukocytes has shown to be positively influenced by BEMER application. In the many hundreds of microcirculation video recordings captured at the Institute for Microcirculation, Berlin, the leukocytes roll slowly, as they should, within two minutes of BEMER application. This way they are more effective at counteracting foreign substances and diseases in the body.
已經顯示BEMER影響血管壁內側白細胞(白細胞)的滾動作用。 BEMER應用顯示,白細胞外膜上的特殊蛋白iCAM(細胞粘附分子)受到了積極的影響。在柏林微循環研究所捕獲的數百個微循環錄像中,白細胞應該在BEMER應用的兩分鐘內慢慢地滾動。這樣,它們在對抗體內異物和疾病方面更有效。

BEMER has been shown to proliferate HSP70, a significant ‘repair protein.’ Clinical trials have been conducted to prove that tumours on mice that are born without immune systems can survive longer by being regularly exposed to BEMER Therapy – tumour growth did not progress despite the mice not having an immune system. It was shown that there was a higher prevalence of HSPs in the mice that were exposed to BEMER more frequently.
BEMER已被證明能夠增殖HSP70,這是一種重要的“修復蛋白”。已經進行臨床試驗來證明在沒有免疫系統的情況下出生的小鼠的腫瘤可以經常暴露於BEMER療法而更長時間地存活 - 儘管沒有免疫系統的小鼠。結果表明,更頻繁暴露於BEMER的小鼠中HSPs的普遍率較高。

BEMER has also been a very effective, safe and reliable complementary therapy for cancer patients that are undergoing cancer treatment (nuclear-, radiation- or chemotherapy). The side effects of these medicines can greatly reduce the quality of life of the cancer patient. BEMER’s positive influence on microcirculation enhances the elimination of cytotoxins and free-radicals allowing the cancer patient to experience a vast reduction in the common side effects of traditional cancer treatments.
對於接受癌症治療(核,放療或化療)的癌症患者,BEMER也是一種非常有效,安全和可靠的輔助治療方法。這些藥物的副作用會大大降低癌症患者的生活質量。 BEMER對微循環的積極影響增強了細胞毒素和自由基的消除,使得癌症患者在傳統癌症治療的常見副作用中經歷巨大的減少。


Why is BEMER safe for Cancer Patients?

BEMER’s patented signal is weaker in intensity than the Earth’s geomagnetic field. The Earth’s magnetic field has a varying intensity depending on latitude: generally the closer one stands to the Earth’s poles the stronger the intensity (60 microtesla); the weakest intensity being at the equator (30 microtesla). No human on Earth has the sensory faculty to experience this phenomenon.

BEMER’s intensities range from 3.5 microtesla to 35 microtesla on the full body therapy module (called the B.BODY – full body mat containing special electromagnetic coils which one comfortably places in one’s bed under the sheets).

BEMER’s intensive applicators range from 10 to 100 microtesla which is still extremely low. The speaker magnet of an internal earphone or fridge magnetic is many thousand times more intense than 100 microtesla and these items are 100% safe.
BEMER的強度噴頭範圍從10到100 microtesla,仍然非常低。內置耳機或磁冰箱的揚聲器磁場比100微特斯拉強上千倍,BEMER這些物品100%安全。

BEMER has been rigorously evaluated and researched by an array of internationally recognised academic institutions and has been tested and approved by the South African Department of Health (license number 549/7826) declaring it 100% safe for human exposure. It has been approved for private human use in the 40 countries where it is officially represented and is applied more than 1 million times per day. It carries the CE mark verifying its safety and quality.

More than 6’700 South Africans apply BEMER daily in the comfort of their homes to effectively treat their chronic diseases (diabetes and diabetic complications, arthritis, cancers, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis, liver disease, multiple sclerosis, lupus, psoriasis, chronic fatigue, eczema, to name a few) and acute or traumatic conditions (stroke, heart failure, influenza, burns, bone fractures, surgical procedures, bruising or haematomas, abrasions, lacerations, insect, snake or spider bites, hypo- or hyperthermia, etc.).


Learn more about BEMER.

If you would like to see the BEMER System and learn more about the technology then please contact me to schedule a demonstration in the privacy of your home.

One must certainly explore all medical and alternative therapies before giving up hope but one should always ask for scientific proof when learning about an unfamiliar therapy. Once you’ve grasped the physics and science of BEMER you will see why it has changed the lives of millions.

If your oncologist or healthcare professional has doubts about BEMER then I will gladly serve him/her with whatever documents and evidence they require. Education is key.

PLEASE NOTE: BEMER enhances the body’s own ability to heal itself by reliably and measurably optimising microcirculation, immune system and other crucial physiological parameters. It is not in BEMER’s capacity to offer any medical guarantees regarding the treatment of any disease, nor can any healthcare practitioner do the this for prescribed medicine, therapy or treatments. 
請注意:BEMER通過可靠和可測量地優化微循環,免疫系統和其他重要的生理參數來提高身體本身的自我修復能力。 BEMER沒有能力為治療任何疾病提供任何醫療保障,醫療從業人員也不能為處方藥,治療或治療做這些。

It is however in BEMER’s capacity to assure the user that BEMER Therapy is safe and has no known side effects. BEMER is not a substitute for medical opinion or treatment and it is not the intention of this website to discredit the medical fraternity nor is it the intention of this website to mislead patients seeking cures for diseases.
然而,BEMER向使用者保證BEMER療法是安全的並且沒有已知的副作用。 BEMER不能代替醫療意見或治療,本網站不打算詆毀醫療聯誼會,也不是為了誤導病人尋求治療。

The volume of global scientific evidence, testimonials and increased medical professional use of BEMER in medical practices, hospitals and related facilities is encouraging. People are becoming more empowered to make informed decisions about how they wish to take care of their own bodies and so they choose BEMER.

With a growing global BEMER community it is obvious that BEMER is trusted by individuals who experience health benefits and healthcare professionals who  witness positive health changes in their patients – they give testament to what they have experienced as relief and sometimes full recovery from their ailments, conditions and diseases.
隨著全球BEMER社區的不斷壯大,顯而易見,BEMER是受到健康益處的個人的信任,以及在病人身上看到積極健康變化的醫療保健專業人士 - 他們證明了他們所經歷過的救濟,有時可以從疾病,病情和疾病。




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